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27.6.2015, Politics

Greece against the world

It seems that Greece is to blame for all bad things happening in the world. As many economists say, it represents a very small percentage of the world economy.

Yet for many months now all the newspapers write about the way we do or don't do things. Are we so clever that we manage to exploit all the world and still avoid punishment ? I do not think so.

What I do know is that 'it takes two to tango.'

For many years that Greece worked as a customer everything was OK. But now that the party of growth has come to a downturn everyone is trying to find the one to blame. Greece is the one to blame and should be punished severely so that no one in the future will ever question the power of the ones that set the rules in the first place.

But how about our partners to the dance floor; You can find hardly people to talk to about that.

To conclude, according to statistics there is always an analogy between size and blame. And according to size, the biggest blame is on the other side. But the other side has more means than Greece to hide its fault.


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